By Jamie Leary

FRISCO, Colo. (CBS4) – Summit County is one of the first in the state to begin COVID-19 vaccinations for the 70+ age group; by Thursday afternoon, it had administered more than 300 first doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

(credit: CBS)

“It is awesome. You know, our entire team with public health, emergency management, public safety and really all levels of county and local governments, have just been working so hard for the past 10 months,” said Brian Bovaird, Summit County’s Director of Emergency Management.

Online appointments were booked solid within hours of the system opening to the 70+ group. In Summit County, there are around 3,000 residents in this group and currently, only 814 doses available.

While the county anticipates more doses will be available on a weekly basis, it’s dependent on how much the state receives and says the quantity is never certain.

“Uncertainty is the hallmark of this whole thing and so we have been assured that vaccines will continue to roll in and one of the things that we are required to do, is go through our allotment of vaccines that we receive in order to place additional orders to get additional vaccines in,” said Bovaird.

(credit: CBS)

Summit County is also finishing vaccinations for its frontline workers in Phase 1A, and says unit it completes these vaccinations, along with everyone in its 70+ group, it won’t be taking on new groups.

The local Safeway and City Market have partnered with the county to administer vaccines, but a majority of people will use the county’s drive through operation, what it refers to as a POD.

“In Summit County our primary mode of getting the vaccine out right now is a drive through point of dispensation (POD) and basically we’re having people drive up. They drive through and it’s all appointment based right now, and they get their shot and they’re on their way,” said Bovaird.

On Thursday, the line of cars was steady. Ann McCrerey, 98, was driven to the site by her friend and showed up early out of excitement.

“Was that it?” She asked the volunteer in surprise, following a shot in the arm, “That was it!” she replied.

McCrerey said she was looking forward to getting back to the simple things once life returns to normal.

“I like traveling, I like being able to go out in the community and say hello to my neighbors,” she said.

Appointments are booked through the weekend and at the drive through, volunteers can administer about 320 doses in a four-hour period. Once an appointment is made, you’re automatically registered to receive your second dose.

(credit: CBS)

“The state is holding back those second doses, so for anybody that has already received the first round of the vaccine, the second round of vaccine is available,” Bovaird continued, “so there won’t be any issues with supply of the vaccine and the appointments are made when they make their original appointment.”

LINK: Summit County COVID-19 Vaccine Drive Thru, Appointments, Distribution Plan

Jamie Leary