By Anica Padilla

(CBS4) — Breweries in Colorado and around the nation face a new challenge as a result of COVID restrictions — a shortage of aluminum cans. Breweries had to close tap rooms and many craft brewers then raced to get their products on store shelves.

(credit: iStock/Getty Images)

Some brewers already know there will be periods down the road when they won’t have containers for beers, ciders and seltzers.

“What we’ve seen is not necessarily a change in the total level of beer consumption, but a huge shift in where people are drinking beer. They are drinking a lot less in bars and restaurants and they are drinking a lot more at grocery stores, convenience stores and other package stores,” said Bart Watson/Chief Economist, the Brewers Association. “That means demand for beer packages, particularly cans, has really sky rocketed in recent months.”

Aluminum was in high demand even before the pandemic, as many beverage companies were making the switch from plastic to the more environmentally-friendly metal.

The shortage could last into 2022.

Anica Padilla