COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Fireworks will light the sky in Colorado Springs on New Years Eve, as the Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club is making safety adjustments to ensure a long-time tradition can continue despite the pandemic.

Dan Stuart

Dan Stuart (credit: CBS)

“The club has been climbing Pikes Peak every year since 1922,” explained Dan Stuart, president of the AdAmAn Club.

The AdAmAn Club adds one person to the group every year, hence the name. Each year they trek up Pikes Peak, carrying fireworks to set off a beautiful show and welcome in the new year for all to see below.

“That’s been happening every year for almost 100 years,” Stuart explained. “We thought it was really important to keep up the tradition, even if it’s a little more challenging.”

(credit: Pikes Peak AdAmAn Club)

The club has made adjustments like limiting the number of hikers, who will hike in two distanced groups instead of one. All hikers have tested negative for COVID-19, and instead of hiking the peak in two days they’ll do it in one.

“It will be a harder hike, because it’s all in one day and the conditions are going to be challenging,” Stuart said. “They always are. It had some snow last night, which will be fun.”

Once they summit, fireworks will light the sky at 9 p.m. in honor of the City of Colorado Springs’ 150th birthday. Then a show at midnight, to ring in the New Year. It’s a traditional climb that has an even bigger meaning this year.

“Lots of people are suffering, it has been a really hard year. And we thought after talking it over, that the message that we bring is ‘Happy New Year,’” Stuart said. “And everybody needs some hope for the new year and that’s what we’re trying to bring.”

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