By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – Camp Christmas was an elaborate, immersive Christmas experience at the Stanley Market Place last year. It was designed for selfies, and cocktails. Nearly 70,000 people walked through it.

In light of coronavirus, artist Lonnie Hanzon completely reimagined the whole experience to be an online wonderland.

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(credit CBS)

“I literally went back to the drawing board and started drawing a world that we could all go to in our imaginations,” Hanzon told CBS4.

This online experience starts at Base Camp, and expands out from there.

“To the south of the Lodge is Ornament Grove, a long standing grove of perpetually decorated evergreens,” Hanzon explained in his Camp Christmas tour video.

There is Sweetsville, Tree House Village, and the Snowflake Ferris Wheel. Each of the drawings done by Hanzon.

“There was no budget for this world, so I got to make it as fun as I wanted to,” he explained.

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(credit CBS)

As Camp Director, Hanzon released daily dispatches, and added fun nuggets for campers to find.

“From cookie recipes to jokes, there are things that are changing in the digital world every day,” Hanzon explained.

This digital world that Hanzon has imagined is a festive escape from what has been a difficult year.

“I think we’ve worked pretty hard to incorporate the things that we all really need from Christmas,” Hanzon explained.

LINK: Camp Christmas

Camp Christmas is available for the price of a $12 ticket. It will be accessible through January 5th as a part of Mile High Holidays.

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LINK: Mile High Holidays

Libby Smith