DENVER (CBS4) — A security officer at Denver International Airport has died after contracting COVID-19. The Transportation Security Administration said Eduard Faktorovich, who worked at the security checkpoint, passed away on Monday.

Eduard Faktorovich (credit: TSA)

“His colleagues remember him as a kind and respectful person, who always had a smile on his face,” TSA officials stated. “…the entire team at DEN is saddened by the loss of one their own.”

Faktorovich’s last date on duty at the checkpoint was Nov. 2.

“His death is a reminder to all of us at TSA of the ongoing seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic,” officials stated. “We remain committed to continuing to take every precaution to help protect our workforce as well as airline travelers.”

Anica Padilla

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  1. elizabetta says:

    We now know it is a medical FACT that obesity plays a huge role in how you recover- or don’t- from this virus. The last 3 stories I read of people dying young, they were all medically, if not morbidly obese (the very young couple who left a 5 yr old behind). At what point do we take responsibility for our health and well-being? At what point do we at the very least mention it in articles of people who have died young?

  2. Jay alanby says:

    God bless Eduard Faktorovich and his family.

  3. Juliak56 says:

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  4. Leftists suck balls says:

    Yeah, he looks like the picture of health to start with. Sure his weight, heart disease, diabetes, etc had nothing to do with his death. Just covid.

    Lying communist media.

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