By Anica Padilla

DENVER (CBS4) — Colorado is among the 49 states seeing increases in cases — and were a million new cases across the country last week. Those concerns prompted the Colorado leaders to encourage more people to work from home again.

Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter said Coloradans have to reduce contact to stop this transmission.

She said she knows how tired everyone is, and this isn’t how we expected this year to go, but she is pleading for people to do their part.

“We all need to stay home. If you have the privilege to work from home, or you’re an employer who has the privilege to have your employees work from home, please make that choice,” Pinter said. “Our frontline workers, our essential workers can’t make that choice. For those of us who can, please choose to stay home.”

(credit: iStock/Getty Images)

As of right now, it is estimated that about 1 in 110 Coloradans are actively contagious with COVID-19.

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Anica Padilla


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