BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4) —  A Colorado veteran got an amazing surprise on Veterans Day — Veterans United Home Loans paid off his entire mortgage.

(credit: Veterans United/YouTube)

The company launched the #MakeItMeanMore campaign on Twitter and pledged to contribute $25 for per “Thank you” tweet toward paying off the home loans of deserving veterans.

“In total, America responded with 90,943 ‘Thank you’ tweets, and we’ve been able to contribute $2,273,575,” company officials said.

That was enough to pay off the loans of 11 veterans. On Wednesday, Marine veteran Scott Ostrom, of Berthoud, found out he was one of them.

“Owning a home was something Scott described to his loan officer as ‘the final step in my recovery’ from PTSD after serving two tours in Iraq,” officials said.

Loan Officer Casey Martin told him the good news.

“The whole thing?!” Ostrom asks.

“The whole thing,” Martin assures him. “We got your back. Seriously, I know you’ve been through so much, so thank you.”

“I don’t even know what to say, Casey. Holy smokes, man! I’m speechless. That’s insane.”

You can watch the videos of the other 10 veterans finding out that their homes were paid off by clicking here.

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