By CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh

DENVER (CBS4) – They say timing is everything. It certainly worked out that way for one young entrepreneur. Just before the start of the pandemic, Kaitlin Moss developed a line of sanitizing wipes.

The 30 year old believes because of COVID-19, her wipes may become habit forming. In a small space in Denver, Moss has been assembling her big idea. They are called Wipeys; four kinds of single use, nontoxic, biodegradable wet wipes.

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“For your screen, sheen and everything in between, wipe it clean,” Moss told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh.

The concept was kindled back in 2017, when the, then, ‘bride to be’ was afraid of getting pimples.

“I realized how dirty my phone was and my phone is touching my face,” she explained. “Unwanted bacteria going into your skin.”

Kaitlin Moss (credit: CBS)

Moss got married, acne free. She spent the next year coming up with a product — a wipe for devices. That expanded to wipes for surfaces, hands and face — all four ideal for travel.

“Meant for taking with you on the go,” said Moss.

Wipeys launched in March 2020, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“When COVID hit we ended up selling out of all of our product,” she said.

Production on Wipeys stopped when the manufacturer was overloaded with orders because of COVID-19, but Moss said her second shipmentn that arrived in July was also cleaned out.

(credit: CBS)

She said she is now back in business, selling to several major online retailers and through her website.

“Wipeys are here to stay,” said Moss.

She believes the quest for clean will be with us long after COVID-19. Moss also has a blog — The Every Hostess.

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