By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – A retired Army specialist who was injured in Iraq received a new set of wheels as a thank you for her service. The new car was due to a partnership between Freedom Alliance and US Bank.

(credit: CBS)

Delicia Jackson served in the Army for seven years and suffered a deployment injury in 2003 and was medically discharged in 2004.

She says the last few years have been difficult for her and her family. She was handed the keys to her new Chrysler Pacifica on Veterans Day.

(credit: CBS)

“This is amazing. It’s unbelievable. I see stuff like this on TV, but not to happen to me,” said Jackson.

Jackson says all the struggles she and her husband have gone through are for their eight children.

Danielle Chavira

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  1. Robert Gift says:

    Gift her with birth control pills for life.
    We would not be able to afford a car if we had 8 children.
    Is husband not working?

  2. big bertha says:

    They should have gifted her with a hysterectomy. Eight kids is the reason she can’t afford a car on her own. Any dads in the picture that can help out?

  3. “Retired Colorado Veteran & Mother Of 8 Gifted [sic] New Car” — “Given”

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