By Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

(CBS4)- Halloween is almost here and the weather will be anything but spooky! We are looking forward to clear sky and mild temperatures. We will get a bit of wind, otherwise Colorado is in for a nice Saturday.

A fairly cloud free day and night is expected, which will be great for the rare full moon event!

Saturday night will be the first full Moon in all United States time zones since 1944! The Moon officially becomes full at 8:49 pm MDT. It’s not rare to get a full Moon in some time zones on Halloween, it happens about every 19 years. The last time the east and central time zones had a full Moon was 2001. The west coast didn’t get in on the action though.

(Almost full moon picture from Peter Pridovak on Thursday night in Thornton)

The full Moon shifted after 1944 to Nov. 1 for several “Metonic” cycles. The Metonic cycle is the almost nineteen year cycle of the moon. It isn’t exactly nineteen years because of Leap Year and variations of the Moon’s orbital cycle. In 1963, 1982, and 2001 the full moon hit either partially on October 31st or November 1st. This year we are lucky to get it on Halloween night across the country!

This is also the second full Moon of the month, making it a full Blue Moon. No, the Moon won’t look blue. Full Blue Moon is just the nickname for the second full Moon in a calendar month. The first full Moon was on October 1st, making it the Harvest Moon. This full Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon.

This Moon has quite the name! It is officially the Full Hunter’s Blue Moon.

The next full Moon like this won’t happen again until 2039! So make sure to go outside and check out this rare celestial event, it won’t happen again for nineteen years!

Meteorologist Lauren Whitney


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