DENVER (CBS4) – Matthew Doloff is expected to face a judge Monday morning to be formally charged with second degree murder. He was at dueling protests in downtown Denver on Oct. 10 working as a security guard for 9News when he was arrested for shooting and killing Lee Keltner. Jeremiah Elliott, the man at the center of the exchange that moments later ended in Keltner’s death, spoke about the shooting and says his life is now in danger. Keltner was seen having a verbal altercation with Elliott seconds before he turned his attention to a news crew and was fatally shot.

Lee Keltner and Jeremiah Elliott

(credit: Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

There are still many questions that are unanswered about the fatal shooting. Most importantly is how the verbal altercation began between Jeremiah Elliott, who appeared to be alone, and the group that Keltner was with.

“It was an entirely peaceful rally until the shooting victim decided to do an assault against me and our news company and that’s what it is,” Elliott said.

Many of the videos that were captured of the commotion on Oct. 10 show an incident in progress — when the verbal altercation has already begun.

“Mace me, m___________. Mace me, m___________. I’ve got the right to stand my ground,” Elliott says in one.

“I was out there expressing my opinion. If people chose to assault me, they chose to draw weapons, to have a confrontation with me that’s choosing to continue having a confrontation and I’m not willing to give up my beliefs. I’m willing to die for what I believe in,” he told CBS4.

Elliott says he has now received death threats and his personal life has been spread online. During the interview with CBS4 he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

“There’s a lot of right wingers and biker gangs talking about assaults on me so I’m taking all the security precautions. I keep armed security with me at all times. I have several security teams,” he said.

Elliott claims to be a registered Republican and says he isn’t associated with either right or left wing sides that gathered on Oct. 10. He appears to be one of the people who was involved at a fight at a Bernie Sanders rally in Denver in February.

(credit: CBS)

When CBS4 asked him about it he said he had no comment about that, but he said he was a victim of racism in the Oct. 10 incident.

“People can call me an agitator and say that I was anticipating a fight but I was expressing my beliefs. I never made any threats to anyone. I didn’t bring any weapons.”

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In another video posted online, it appears to show Elliott celebrating the death of Keltner. When CBS4 asked him about that, he said he had no comment.

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  1. SuperJew says:

    He’s been in multiple altercations where he’s the agitator…Hopefully he is brought to justice…one way or another….

  2. joeytwotimes says:

    Keltner got what was coming to him.

    You QAnon fools are really funny though.

    1. Bon Martin says:

      Really. Is that your professional opinion?

  3. B. Traven says:

    Was a man murdered in broad daylight for a media photo op?

    9News, Pinkerton and Isborn Security Services are certainly going to be sued for wrongful death, and if there’s any justice to be had in Colorado, the Keltner family will win their day in court.

  4. Joe Campbell says:

    Update Denver: The murder of Lee Keltner

    Kyle Clark of 9news was attempting to set up a self-defense case on Tuesday night for Matthew Dolloff saying that Dolloff felt threatened.

    The problem with that theory is Dolloff was hired as a security guard for 9news to protect their employees during the rally.

    The rally had already broken up and Dolloff was not seen escoting anyone from 9news away from the rally. In the photos it clearly shows Matthew Dolloff provoking Lee Keltner, attempting to take away his can of bear maze.

    Security guards don’t do that.

    Lee Keltner was nowhere near a 9news employee or being aggressive towards anyone. In fact the only two aggressors in the area were Jeremiah Elliott and Matthew Dolloff, both members of Antifa and BLM.

    It was Dolloff who was the aggressor attempting to provok Lee Keltner into a fight by attempting to take away his can of maze. When Dolloff tried to, Keltner slapped him.

    Dolloff backed off and drew his gun and that is when Keltner reacted in self-defense and began spraying Keltner.

    At that moment Dolloff fired his gun killing Lee Keltner.

    Security guards don’t do that.

    One thing to remember is that a 9news producer spoke to Dolloff a few minutes prior to Dolloff approaching Lee Keltner.

    9news had been looking for a story all day to put a negative light on the patriot rally, but came up empty The Denver police actually did their job that day, so nothing significant happened when Antifa and BLM attempted to attack the patriot rally goers.

    The real question: is the Denver DA working with 9news?

  5. Thomas says:

    Absolutely comical. This little antifa child can’t even keep his lies straight. No comment when presented with facts. I guess he lies about even standing up for his beliefs. Typical low IQ individual. Also Richardson seems to me to be involved in this set up. I hope all of them including the 9 news producer get indicted as accessories to murder.

  6. HardyHarHar says:

    Unbelievable, the lies that little weasel so freely spouts. He def ain’t worried about his life as he tries to claim, or he’d shut that lying mouth up, yesterday. Man, the schools since 2000 have produced legions of idiots that are clueless as to how stupid they really look, and are.

  7. boomer76 says: If you watch the linked youtube video you will see Elliot confronting a protester. He was the agitator in the situation. He told the protestor “I smell b*tch, all I smell is b*tch”. This occured shortly before he confronted Keltner. Hopefully he settles down now and stops what he’s been doing.

  8. BRIAN says:

    There’s no Doubt that this Elliot character is a paid agitator. I agree with Tom, him and the 9 news crew where in this together. He is a disease to society and should be locked away.

  9. TomTancredoFan says:

    There’s a theory floating about that Doloff was looking for a true self defense exploit. He and Elliot would ferret out a Patriot who was packing. Once found, they would antagonize and provoke the man to draw his concealed weapon. Doloff would then be the hero by supposedly saving two or three lives. Except Keltner wasn’t stupid and only brandished a very non-lethal pepper spray canister. The 9news producer even said, immediately after the shooting, Doloff was a hero who saved his life. Almost as if reading from a script from a scenario that never happened. Elliot fled the seen instantly, seemingly knowing Doloff messed it up big time. No self defense, just murder. If this theory isn’t just a theory, Elliot and others are an accomplice to murder and will do serious jail time.

    1. elisha says:

      There is no ‘theory floating around.” And that “patriot,” who assaulted another man, then aimed a mace spray at someone who was NOT doing anything was, unfortunately, stupid.

      1. Vince says:…Elliott is just a lying little antifa punk.

  10. Joe Campbell says:

    Jeremiah Elliott is a Antifa commander in Denver.
    He has to play the victim, just as 9news is doing.

  11. Gail Lindsey says:

    That’s really funny. Elliott has been photographed in confrontations several times this summer by Helen Richardson. She seems to follow him around.

    1. Joe Campbell says:

      Elliott and Doloff are tied at the hip along with that 9news producer.
      This was an assassination by Antifa.
      The real Q is if the Denver DA and judge are being controlled by BLM and Antifa.
      My guess is the DA and judge will try to get Doloff off.

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