By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4) – In-person voting started across Colorado on Monday. Karuna Srikureja was one of those who decided to cast her ballot in person in Denver.

“I decided since I work nearby, I would just walk over and do it in person just so I could be absolutely sure,” she said.

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Denver officials are hoping a variety of mail-in options and dozens of drop boxes will help keep in person lines from backing up.

“We don’t want to get a whole bunch of lines if we can avoid it because of the pandemic is the main reason, but also Denver has a three card 18-inch ballot,” Alton Dillard said.

Dillard is the communications manager for Denver’s Election Division. He says on average it takes voters a little more than 20 minutes to get through the ballot, and then there’s new COVID-19 protocol to follow.

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“We have in addition to lots of hand sanitizer. We have the disposable masks, and we sanitize every piece of equipment between every voter,” he said.

All of which takes more time. But for Srikureja it was reassuring to see.

“I didn’t want to be part of that rush when everyone was coming in. I figured it would be a little more isolated and distant,” she said.

Her best advice is to cast your vote sooner rather than later.

“Now I don’t have to stress about whether or not my ballot got in on time, or if I did it right. I know with certainty it’s in the box. It’s there. We are all good,” she said.

Denver and several other counties are phasing in different in-person locations over the next two weeks.

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You can find an early in person voting location in your area by checking your counties election page.

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Karen Morfitt

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