(CBS4) – The leader of a Colorado human trafficking ring has been sentenced to 304 years in prison. Chauncey Price, was convicted for 13 counts of human trafficking and forgery. His sentence was handed down last week in Douglas County District Court. During sentencing, the judge said Price was “master at victimizing women.”

Chauncey Price

Chauncey Price (credit: 18th Judicial District Attorney)

Three victims testified that Price forced them to perform sexual acts with strangers for money and then he collected the money. One victim said he “exploited young girls, controlled them and manipulated them.”

“He and his associates placed online ads offering the women and girls, then rented hotel rooms for the sex acts,” the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s office wrote in a press release on Thursday.

The ring was also printing counterfeit money. Officials say Price’s sentence was enhanced because he has four previous felonies, including burglary.

“Any reasonable good person would have looked at these victims and would have extended sympathy or empathy, but Price only looked at them and saw opportunity,” Senior Deputy District Attorney Kelley Dziedzic said in a prepared statement. “His victims will live with the repercussions of his actions for the rest of their lives. They have a lifelong struggle ahead of them.”

The sentence is one of the longest ever handed down in Colorado for human trafficking. The longest sentence was handed down in Arapahoe County in 2017. In that case, Brock Franklin was ordered to spend 400 years in prison.

Jesse Sarles

  1. Ares55 says:

    And Epstein only got 12 months, with 12 hours a day ‘work’ release, where he continued to exploit victims and even got a sweetheart deal in New Mexico both as not being listed as a sex offender and very generous land leases. Coincidently, The New Mexico Governor was named as someone who Epstein trafficked girls too for sex.

    Will Ghislaine and Prince Andrew receive punishments similar to Price’s?

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