By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Arts & Venues Department has $1 million in CARES Act money that it’s allocating for independent artists and venues. Individual artists can apply for $1,000, and independent venues could be eligible for up to $25,000. The deadline to apply for the money is Sunday, October 25th.

“$1,000 can make the difference between really struggling and paying the bills on time,” said Romelle, an abstract artist.

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Romelle has been a professional artist for about 5-years. She’s all too familiar with the financial ebbs and flows.

“Being an artist you have to be creative about the ways you make money for sure,” she told CBS4.

Being an artist isn’t cheap either, she needs to buy supplies.. like paint and canvases, and she rents studio space.

“For me, I’ve found it works better just to have a dedicated space, to go into work everyday,” Romelle explained.

While the art world has changed since coronavirus, Romelle said that she’s been able to stay working.

“I’m really grateful and lucky that I’ve been able to stay super busy. I’ve gotten new clients, and projects that have seen themselves through during this time.”

She’s made sales with people who are nesting in the midst of Stay-At-Home orders, and a large-scale mural festival happened despite the pandemic.

“I was the creative director of that project.”

But an artist’s life is always looking out for that next project, the next opportunity to pay the bills, and $1,000 can make a big difference.

LINK: Apply for Denver Cares Artist Relief Fund

Libby Smith


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