DENVER (CBS4)– Denver police have released the arrest affidavit for Matthew Dolloff, the private security guard who was arrested in the shooting death of Lee Keltner. The deadly shooting happened during dueling protests on Saturday in downtown Denver.

Matthew Dolloff (credit: Denver Police)

Dolloff, 30, was contracted as a security guard by 9News through the security company Pinkerton.

According to the affidavit, Keltner was engaged in a verbal dispute with another protester and some witnesses believed the altercation would have become physical. Someone intervened in the argument and broke it up.

Police said that dispute was captured on Denver HALO cameras as well as cellphone video and digital photography from multiple witnesses.

Two men clash after dueling rallies in Downtown Denver on October 10 in Denver. The confrontation led to the man on the right fatally shooting the man on the left of the photo. The shooting happened as opposing rallies by far-right and far-left activists were ending. The shooter has been identified as Matthew Dolloff. He is being held for investigation of First Degree Murder in connection with this shooting. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

According to the affidavit, review of the video shows that Dolloff became engaged in an altercation with Keltner while he was arguing with the other protester. Keltner was holding a can of OC spray, also known as oleoresin capsicum spray or pepper spray, at the time.

That’s when Keltner and Dolloff faced each other, about 3:36 p.m., and Keltner struck Dolloff on the side of the head with an open hand. Dolloff is seen drawing a handgun from his waistband, aiming at Keltner and shooting once.

(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Keltner discharged his OC spray as he collapsed to the ground.

Dolloff was taken into custody by officers while holding a semiautomatic handgun. Keltner was rushed to Denver Health where he was pronounced dead at 4:05 p.m.

(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Dolloff appeared in court on Sunday and remains in custody on investigation of first-degree murder charges.

LINK: Dolloff Arrest Affidavit

Jennifer McRae

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  1. B. Traven says:

    No one had to die. Armed police were everywhere; practically on top of these people. Dolloff could have alerted Denver P.D. or walked away instead of confronting Lee Keltner.

    9News employed an unlicensed, inadequately trained, hired gunman who took a man’s life in less.than 10 seconds. What happened to that missing 12 seconds covering the murder that would have told the whole story?

    A “slap” doesn’t justify murder, and In law, pepper spray is not a lethal weapon.. Neither Dolloff nor the 9News producer even blinked from the spray that was released, but a man was shot to death. That’s just wrong.

  2. JohnnyOne says:

    A couple thoughts on the “security guard” issue: Doloff did not live in Denver. I don’t know about the licensing requirements, but if you’re a security guard somewhere else in Colorado (which does NOT require a license), then are you barred from working in Denver unless you get a Denver license? Like, you can work right up to the city limits, but not *in* Denver? Or can someone working for a firm outside Denver still provide services in the city? Like, I’m sure the bodyguards of visiting celebrities aren’t Denver-licensed, yet they’re still providing security services.

    Whether or not Doloff was working as a “security guard” for the news producer, the demonstrator slapped Doloff, and maced Doloff. Regardless of his security-guard-license status, that would just be regular ol’ self-defense. And he did have a concealed-carry license.

  3. jaspergreve says:

    @TomTancredoFan: He was a security guard, hired by Pinkerton. However he was not licensed in the city of Denver. Most cities have a grace period in their licensing and due to the high turnover in the industry, a lot of security companies will wait till the last moment to file the paperwork.

  4. Shaniqua Walker says:

    He took a life and ruined his own.

    Was it worth it?

  5. TomTancredoFan says:

    I must’ve missed something in the news feeds, Dolloff is a security guard again? The article bestows this title on to him twice. One day he’s an unlicensed wannabe security guard, the next day he’s the real thing. Maybe tomorrow he’ll be a British double 00 agent with a license to kill.

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