By Jesse Sarles

DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado has just recorded its highest single-day COVID-19 caseload since the spring. That, combined with the 290 hospitalizations due to coronavirus, has Gov. Jared Polis very worried.

(credit: CBS)

“We need to get this under control now,” Polis said in a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The coronavirus three-day positivity rate is also now at above 5%. That’s a rate the World Health Organization classifies as an active outbreak and when additional concerns should be launched around public safety regarding community transmission.

“We’ve got to get these numbers down. If this trend continues our hospital capacity will be in jeopardy,” the governor said.

Polis said it’s imperative for Colordans to wear masks in public places, practice social distancing, wash hands regularly with soap and reduce the number of social interactions.

The governor said the COVID pandemic is posing a major risk the state’s economy and with the holiday season coming soon, if the numbers continue the way they have been it could spell disaster.

“We have to do better if we want our economy to grow. Because in the areas (outside Colorado) that have had acute hotspots there has been a complete deterioration in consumer confidence and people are terrified to leave their home, engage in commerce. We don’t want that here,” Polis said. “The better we do at containing the virus and reducing transmission, the more confidence consumers have. The more they’re willing to shop and dine. That helps our small businesses. That helps the workers that are employed there.”

Sonia Riggs, president of the Colorado Restaurant Association, joined the governor at Tuesday’s news conference and spoke about a new effort underway to try to help restaurants who are concerned about losing their expanded outdoor dining spaces with the onset of cold weather. A workshop will be held soon to provide guidance for restaurant owners looking for solutions.

Jesse Sarles

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  1. Polis is a fool says:

    Isn’t it ironic….Polis “mandated” masks but yet cases are up.

    1. WS Boyle says:

      He can mandate all he wants but unless there is some kind of enforcement people will do as they please. It is the classic case of the Governor that cried VIRUS!!!!!!!!!

  2. TomTancredoFan says:

    CDC says 85% of Covid sufferers regularly wore masks. A case controlled study showed a group of 160 people who had gotten the virus compared to 160 who hadn’t gotten it. Mask wearing was the same in both groups. In June, a randomized control trial in Denmark was finished. It involved thousands of people. Half wore masks, half didn’t. It was supposed to be published in August. It has since disappeared. No ones talking. Would this have disappeared if the study showed definitively that masks work? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Any scientific opposition to the current unscientific mandates foisted upon the populace is being shut down or it just vanishes.

  3. Lawrence says:

    He wants to keep these restrictions going until a vaccine is available that only 50% will take.

  4. Randy Lahey says:

    How many more signatures needed to force a recall?

  5. WS Boyle says:

    Thank you to the out of state irresponsible college students and their lack of respect. Don’t lock down the responsible citizens of Colorado Close all the Colleges and Universities until September 2021 or later.

  6. Gail Lindsey says:

    If I’m not mistaken, taxpayers are still paying for the beds at the convention center, to the tune of over $1M per month. Those can be used if needed.

    Oh, no – we’ve just about hit that 2,000 death toll. Expect more lockdowns and lectures shortly.

    1. Kim says:

      Exactly! Why else pay for those facilities all these months? BTW WHO no longer supports lockdowns .Don’t threaten us Schutz.

  7. Joe says:

    He is laying the groundwork to extend his continual attack of constitutional rights…..

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