DENVER (CBS4) – Incredible video shows a driver going the wrong way on 6th Avenue in Denver, and somehow not hitting anyone. Gloria Vigil caught it on video.

“It took me a double take because was I seeing this correctly?” Vigil wondered.

She says other cars avoided the driver, but crashed themselves.

(credit: Gloria Vigil)

“There was on two occasions we saw them run into the car next to them in that lane, then in my rearview I saw dust or smoke from cars wrecking into each other,” she said.

Vigil told CBS4 she was getting on Highway 6 at Lowell Boulevard. Based on her speed, she thinks the driver was going 50 mph.

“He was keeping up with us in the fast lane.”

(credit: Gloria Vigil)

Somehow there were no major crashes. Denver police looked at their logs and said there were only reports of people calling in about a reckless driver on 6th Avenue between Interstate 25 to Sheridan Boulevard.

The calls came in around 2 p.m. Sunday, but no one got a license plate.

“Why didn’t he slow down? Why didn’t he get onto the shoulder wait until there was no traffic and then just turn around at that point?” Vigil asked.

(credit: Gloria Vigil)

It’s unclear what caused the driver to go the wrong way. However, police say, if you happen to accidentally head in the wrong direction, pull over onto the emergency lane, and call the police, don’t try to turn around.

“I can’t imagine … looking down for one second and not realizing there was somebody coming at me,” Vigil said.

If you’re even in the situation where a driver is coming towards you, police say try to steer away and brake safely.

Investigators are still looking into what happened.