By Justin Adams

DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Dumb Friends League Pet Resource Center partnered with Colorado State University to offer free health clinic services for dogs and cats in north Denver. The health clinics were in the parking lot of Swansea Recreational Center in to serve the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods.

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This is the seventh year the free clinics will offer vaccinations, wellness exams, and behavior consultations. All this is to help supply 200 families within the communities with the free resources to help keep their pets in tip-top shape.

Due to coronavirus, the event was in a drive-thru format where appointments, masks, and social distancing were required. Four stations were set up to take the pet owners to their appointments.

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“You first stop at a supply station where you get lots of great goodies for your pets like treats, leaches, and toys,” Dumb Friends League Public Relations Manager Joan Thielen said. “And then you stop at one of the veterinarian stations where your pet will receive a wellness exam.”

Irhem Valvierrez found out about the free service by browsing Facebook. She took her cat, Michi, and her dog, Pumpkin, for their wellness exams and greatly appreciated the service.

“I like that they were being so careful with her and that they were holding her properly. And that they were taking care of her,” Valvierrez said. “I think it is really cool, and I think they are so nice that these people are volunteering their time to actually take care of our pets for free. Saves us money and it’s nice that we can see the whole process too.”

(credit: CBS)

“I love seeing this turnout of people coming in. Taking care of their pets, loving their animals. Denver has a great animal community and we’re excited to be able to support that,” Thielen said.

Pet owners can schedule an appointment at the DDFL’s next event on Oct. 14.

Justin Adams

  1. Slashhh says:

    If it wasn’t for cheap clinics, poor people wouldn’t even get health care for their animals. Breeders should be LEGALLY FORCED to make sure people have the means to take care of an animal for 12+ years. Having an animal is not a ‘right.’ I foster animals with neglect conditions (rotted teeth, parasites, etc) and it’s never people with the money to have dogs.

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