DENVER (CBS4) – All first grade students in Denver Public Schools will be learning in person by next week. First grade teacher Annemarie Minor says the plan to get students back in school is carefully scheduled.

Sharing classroom supplies will not be an option, and students will not be allowed to choose where to sit in the cafeteria.

For Minor, her students will eat at their desks.

(credit: CBS)

“I think its going to be a lot of practice and knowing that it’s ok. That distance doesn’t mean you’re being mean to the other person or don’t care about them. We have that distance because were showing we care and because we’re thinking about others and not just ourselves,” said Minor.

She says young children are capable of adapting more than many people realize. In first grade, she says students are just usually learning how to do most everything anyway, down to tying their shoes and washing their hands.

About 30% of DPS families plan to continue with virtual learning.

Students in second through fifth grades can return to in-person learning on Oct. 21.


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