By Anica Padilla

DENVER (CBS4) — After a new spike in COVID-19 cases in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis urged people to be more cautious in order to prevent a “big third wave.”

(credit: CBS)

The spike since Labor Day is the worst we’ve seen since the 4th of July. On Sept. 7, officials reported 187 new cases in Colorado. Yesterday, the state reported 654 new cases.

“We are now at 66,002 cases, we have lost 1,926 Coloradans due to COVID and the general trend has been an increase in COVID in our state,” Gov. Polis said.

“This is a warning sign for all of us that, again, while generally what we’re doing is working, we need to do it a little bit better,” Polis said. “We need to be a little better with a mask wearing avoiding large groups, being smart, being careful.”

“Let’s step it up over the next couple weeks, let’s, let’s not have a big third wave of the year, let’s, let’s stamp this out,” Polis said. “It’s on us, and we need to step it up a bit, to continue to make sure that Colorado is a reasonably safe place to live and work and play during the biggest global pandemic in a century.”

Polis urged people to wear masks, practice social distancing and avoid large gatheringsĀ — especially indoors.

Anica Padilla

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  1. Craig Clymo says:

    The rising of new cases has no bearing. What should be looked at is hospitalization from Covid and deaths , all of which are near zero. Polis is setting the stage to continue his agenda, and further take away our rights. I said this would happen in March, so it is. A NATION OF SHEEP BEGHETS A GOVERNMENT OF WOLVES. Until people stand up in big numbers and p[rotest this will continue George Orwell wrote: Power is never taken with the intention of giving it back

  2. No Subject of Yours says:

    Great photo of Lord Jared indoors and WITHOUT a mask.

  3. Daryl Ivan Miller says:

    Yes, due to increased testing. How many cases involved symptoms and hospitalization? That would be valuable information, but it doesn’t fit the narrative. If we tested for the flu at this level and we tested every everyone who dies for the flu and then associated that death with the flu wouldn’t it be a pandemic also?

  4. Brucie says:

    Pole Us needs to plug it.

  5. Randy Lahey says:

    Where are the recall petitions? I’m done with this clown. Tell me where to go so I can sign.

    1. Gail Lindsey says:

      There is a signup online for notifications and locations/dates/times for physical signing of the petition.

  6. Joe Bloe says:

    when is he going to distribute yellow stars?

  7. JohnPaul says:

    The King will lock us down regardless.

    He’s not done killing the economy.

    Tyranny lives in Colorado!

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