By Jacqueline Quynh

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A 61-year-old Army veteran is hoping he can get some help to find his four-legged friend. Obreroro Stinnett has been looking for his 12-week-old lab boxer mix, Beau Jr. since he was stolen at gunpoint a few weeks ago.

Stinnett told CBS4 they were on a walk, when Beau stopped to rest by 17th Avenue and Joliet Street.

(credit: CBS)

“And three people pulled up in a dark gray SUV and the backseat person pulled out a shotgun,” Stinnett recalled.

Stinnett thought he was about to get robbed.

“Well, first he said his daughter wanted a puppy, and I was like okay. And then he said ‘Can I just pet your puppy?'” Stinnett said.

(credit: Obreroro Stinnett)

He said he tried to remain calm and back away.

“And he pulled the shotgun out again and threatened to take it, and he took my dog from me. I had to let the leash go because they were about to drag me down the street,” Stinnett said.

Aurora police confirmed they are investigating the report from Aug. 15.

“It was like a son to me, that’s why I called him BJ, Beau Jr.”

The Army veteran has been through some tough situations.

“We were over in Tehran, Iran before they captured the 50 hostages so we’ve been through terrorists.”

(credit: CBS)

This time, he’s not sure if there’s a chance he’ll ever see his companion ever again.

“I pray to God I get my puppy back.”

Aurora police tells CBS4 a person connected with this case has been located, he is already in jail on a separate crime. It’s unclear at this time if this may be related to the couple who had their dog stolen at gunpoint in Denver last week.

Jacqueline Quynh


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