BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The University of Colorado Boulder is switching to remote learning for all students starting Wednesday. It’s a move expected to help get cases of COVID-19 under control.

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“Two of the four people in my group tested positive for COVID, so it’s just me and my other partner working together at the moment,” Ginger Olson, an engineering student said.

The start of this school year has already been rough for a lot of freshmen. It’s now even harder when for some of the more technical subjects such as engineering. Students like Olson now have a new challenge, learning everything online for the next two weeks.

“More difficult because you just can’t have the hands-on experience,” she said.

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The university had announced a two week stay-at-home period last week, and coronavirus numbers went down. However, CU said it wanted to step up prevention, including working the city of Boulder to cut down potential parties.

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“We’ve definitely stepped up patrol in collaboration with CU’s police department,” Sarah Huntley, Boulder Director of Communications and Engagement said.

In the past seven days, 14 students were cited for “serious public health violations” some of which were associated with large gatherings.

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Because of the changes, some students have been wondering if they can get a refund. CU answered no, saying they warned students, and part of the plan was to adjust as needed.

“I expected this all to come so I am a little prepared, but it’s definitely not the best situation to be in,” Olson said.

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Students like Olson just hope they’re getting most out of their education. CU also opened up Darley North, an entire dorm for students with COVID-19 so they can isolate, and not have to worry about going home, potentially spreading it to their families.