By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4)– A group of young women is changing the way history is taught in Denver Public Schools. The students at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College helped create a curriculum that includes Black, Latino/a, Asian and Indigenous history. It’s expected to be adopted next month.

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“For all lives to matter we must commit to Black lives matter. Because in our educational system we have consistently left our Black students and Black team members behind,” said student Kaliah Yizar.

Last year they went on a trip with their classmates to the African American History and Culture Museum in Washington, DC. It was a trip that left a big impression on them.

“It changed my life and I feel like it changed the life of every person that was on that trip as well,” said student Jenelle Nangah.

While they were there, they learned Black history that wasn’t being taught to them in school. Not only slavery and segregation but also stories about the positive contributions Black people have made to America.

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“These are examples that came before you that can inspire you to think that things are possible.”

When they got back, they wanted to share those lessons with their peers, “I feel like it’s really detrimental to a kid’s education and it can be really detrimental to a kid’s mental space to not be able to see anything positive.”

So they helped create the “Know Justice, Know Peace” resolution. They hope it will inspire their peers the way it inspired them.

“We also want to inspire our people to lead for good. For the good of all people,” said student Dahni Austin.

(credit: CBS)

The women also started a podcast this summer called Know Justice, Know Peace so if you aren’t a DPS student and want to learn more about Black history, give it a listen.

Michael Abeyta


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