Mandatory Quarantine Ordered For 'Nuisance Property' Off CampusBy Karen Morfitt

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– For the next two weeks every University of Colorado Boulder student is being asked to self-quarantine, only leaving homes or residence halls for essential needs.

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“If that’s what it takes to cut off everything and start over again in a month or so,” one student said.

Juliet Ricci, also a student at CU, says it comes as no surprise given the sharp increase in COVID-19 cases the county has seen related to the Boulder campus in just the last two weeks.

Still she says what’s allowed and what’s not needs to be made clear.

“Sometimes the message is a little contradicting when we also have in-person classes,” she said.

There are also those at properties off campus that have been identified by the City of Boulder as being a nuisance, or repeatedly violated public health guideline, who have no choice.

University of Colorado Boulder (credit: CBS)

At least one fraternity annex is already on a mandatory quarantine order and the City of Boulder says several other properties are being closely monitored.

“We really do want students for the most part to stay where they are and not gather with other groups,” said Jeff Zayach, Executive Director for Boulder County Public Health.

While the steps are significant, officials say the orders are being put in place with the good of the entire community in mind and that even moving to remote learning wouldn’t solve the issue.

Patrick O’Rourke, the interim executive vice chancellor at CU Boulder, also addressed the rise in cases on Wednesday morning.

“The classroom setting has been fairly safe. If we move remote, there’s still students in the community,” he said.

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What happens next, officials say, will rely heavily on individual behavior.

“It’s been very boring, but it’s possible,” one student said about the weeks ahead.

Karen Morfitt

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  1. Dwight Smith says:

    It’s called a “Casedemic”. The pandemic is over. This increase in false positives from all the PCR testing does not mean new cases. A case is defined as having actual symptoms, not simply testing positive.

    1. hatmonger says:

      That is entirely wrong. A case represents an infection, and the ability to transmit the virus. Symptoms or hospitalization is not required in most uses of the term by health practitioners. Positives are usually confirmed by additional testing.

    2. PrairieDawg says:

      Sure hope you’re not a pre-health major because you’re so wrong. Stay in school. Educate yourself. An infection with COVID is an infection—the positive test for the virus means it’s in your body—so you’re infected. Period. You can shed and spread virus without having symptoms—you might even feel fine but you’re a friggin’ vector. People with symptoms are a smaller percentage of infected folks, people getting hospitalized smaller still, people dying smaller still—but they’re all infected and capable of spreading COVID. Don’t be a COVIDiot. Don’t be a MASKhole. Protect the Herd.

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