DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Coloradans gathered in Douglas County on Saturday to show support for President Donald Trump and the upcoming election. They gathered at Quebec and C-4700 holding signs and waving American flags.

(credit: CBS)

Supporters say they held the rally in the suburbs of Douglas County to attract undecided, unaffiliated voters.

“Love it. It’s absolutely amazing. Everyone should be out here supporting our president and our country,” said Sue Forester.

(credit: CBS)

Some supporters wore a mask, some had their mask lowered and many others did not have a mask.

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  1. Marc Jones says:

    Hey Cornholio, can you tell me what Trump has done against lbgqt?

  2. Joy Overbeck says:

    Overwhelming raucous honks and waves and grins from hundreds of excited Trump patriots; very few middle fingers from the sourpuss Trump haters. Can’t wait to see them cry again on Nov. 3. America First – WINNING!

  3. Cornholio says:

    The persons holding the LGBTQ flag are truly deluded. Trump has been the most anti-LGBTQ president in history and yet they still support this idiot. And the rest of them should be ashamed for supporting the lying, racist, mysoginist, unethical, Russia-compromised, corrupt POTUS as well. FLUSH THE TURD ON NOVEMBER 3RD!

  4. Deport enemy Fascists, unless they resist.

  5. J Drew says:

    Very many people in Douglas County have no use for this “President” or his supporters.

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