By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – As school districts struggle to get back in session, students are spending a lot more time in front of screens, which is taking a toll on their eyes. So it’s more important than ever for parents to be mindful of their children’s eye care.

Von Miller (credit: CBS)

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“Von’s Vision is the charity that was founded by Denver Broncos, all pro, linebacker Von Miller,” said Josh Gwinn, CEO of Hero Practice Services, and executive board member of Von’s Vision.

The organization’s mission is to provide low income children with the eye care and corrective eyewear that they need. The organization works with partners in the community to identify children who need the eye care. Von’s Vision holds screening events, where children in need get examined, and can get fitted for corrective eyewear at the same time.

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“In addition this year, we launched the Von’s Locker Program with Adventure Dental and Vision. Our community partners can refer children for that program. They’re seen at an Adventure Vision Office, and Von’s Locker has cool swag for the kids as well as a special selection of eyewear for them to choose from that’s been donated to the foundation,” Gwinn explained.

It is estimated that 38 percent of children in the United States need some for of vision correction. Three out of every ten children under six-years-old have never been seen by an eye doctor for a variety of reasons.

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(credit: Von’s Vision)

“Vision problems, as we know, can cause behavioral problems. And physical symptoms, like headaches, can effect learning deeply. Often times children with vision problems are labeled as ADHD or with learning disabilities, when really all they need is a pair of corrective lenses and that can change their life. That type of labeling can effect a kids’ self-esteem, and it can keep them from succeeding in all areas of life,” Gwinn told CBS4.

The partnership between Von’s Vision and Adventure Vision allows those low income patients to get a continuum of care.

“So now the children have a long term vision home. What we’ve done is we house the electronic medical records for all the kids who get their eye exams through the foundation at one of our 14 Adventure locations across the Front Range. That way if the kid breaks glasses, which happens all the time, or if there is necessary medical follow up for their eye care, they can come on into an Adventure location and we take care of them free of charge on the Von’s Vision Foundation,” Gwinn explained.

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On September 21, 2020, Von’s Vision is hosting A Night To Take Flight, a fundraiser for all the programs across the Front Range. There is a limited number of in-person tickets to the event, and virtual tickets are available for those who want to participate online. There will be silent auction, and everyone who attends either in-person or virtually will get a football signed by Von Miller.

Libby Smith