By Michael Abeyta

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The University of Colorado Boulder reported 49 new cases of coronavirus on Friday — more than twice the previous single-day high since the start of the new school year.

University officials say the jump is due to increased and improved testing.

(credit: CBS)

The university is still asking students to do their part to stop the spread by social distancing and wear masks, but a long, holiday weekend with warm weather will no doubt test students’ resolve.

“People are still partying on the hill you know? To each your own,” said James Jacobson, a CU student.

He says he’s not optimistic about having in person classes very much longer.

“I would be surprised if it stays in person if I’m being honest.”

CU has been taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus including testing students living in dorms where there have been numerous cases. The university did so by testing waste water and saliva on campus and requiring masks on campus.

(credit: CBS)

Jacobson doesn’t fault the university for the growing spread.

“They’re doing their part you know? Social distancing,” he said

The university says it’s because they have increased and improved testing that they have seen a rise in positive cases and that they expected to see this increase.

Jacobson says based on what he has seen, says some of his peers aren’t doing their part. Seeing 49 cases in one day isn’t shocking to him.

“There’s so much partying going on I’m not surprised at all.”

At this point he says the only thing he can do is change the way he lives so he can stay healthy.

“I have a class on campus. but I’m switching to online because I don’t want to get coronavirus.”

University officials say if they are able to get ahead of outbreaks through their wastewater and on campus testing they think they can stay operational and keep students, staff and faculty safe.

Michael Abeyta


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