By Danielle Chavira

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Homeless activists in Boulder called attention to an home in which several officers were seen responding with weapons drawn. Boulder police tells CBS4 they responded to a home on Canyon Boulevard on Saturday.

(credit: SAFE/Twitter)

Investigators found four adults and one dog trespassing inside the home. They say the home is destroyed, covered in urine, feces and used syringes.

The house is owned by one person, who was last at the properties a month ago, police say.

(credit: SAFE/Twitter)

The homes were unoccupied, but not abandoned, police tell CBS4. The adults were issued felony summonses for trespass and were released, police say.

(credit: SAFE/Twitter)

Activists questioned the police officer’s actions and the department’s “‘approach that balanches compassion with enforcement.'”

Danielle Chavira

Comments (5)
  1. C Powell says:

    WIll these activists offer up spaces in their homes to these underprivileged persons and their dog? Or are they only upset when the police protect other people’s property?

  2. TomTancredoFan says:

    I’m sure the rent challenged folks in that house are wonderful people. Real salt-of-the-earth type guests. They probably found the house in that condition and wanted to help clean it up. (My actual comments are quite different in tone and language, but disappear when I hit post).

  3. Holmes says:

    Urine. Feces. Used syringes. How about these people stay off drugs long enough to get jobs?

  4. Jay Alenby says:

    Any “activist” who questions these actions should be put in a meat grinder. Don’t give these fools a platform.

  5. Charles Gilbert says:

    Quit living and trashing houses that don’t belong to you.They had no compassion for the person who owns this home. Quit blaming the police when they are upholding the law. As for all you whiners and cryers how about you let them move into your house. If not shut the hell up.

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