ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – Four 20-year-old men have been sentenced for throwing a chlorine bomb at an Arvada police officer last year. The crime was committed in April 2019 near Ralston Valley Park.

Gavin Dawson, Maxwell McCann and Braiden Ulmer will all do jail time and spend two years on probation. Isaac Koch was granted a two-year deferral.

Gavin Dawson (left) and Isaac Koch (right) (credit: CBS)

Maxwell McCann (left) and Braiden Ulmer (right) (credit: CBS)

The men blocked a road last year with plastic wrap and street signs they had pulled out of the ground, with the goal being apparently to throw chlorine bombs at the signs.

When an officer arrived to clear the roadblock a bottle of chlorine crashed down near him and released chlorine gas. He was taken to the hospital after passing out but recovered. A resident who was present also was hurt but didn’t have to be taken to the hospital.

The men also set off seven other chlorine bombs in the area.

Jesse Sarles

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    Was this a plea bargain? Who is the Judge that signed off on this if there was a sentencing recommendation?

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