By Michael Spencer

Northern Colorado head football coach Ed McCaffrey joined CBS4 sports anchor Michael Spencer for Xfinity Monday Live this week to discuss the challenges facing the Bears as their move from fall football to spring football.

(CBS4) – Ed McCaffrey is in his first year as the head coach of the Bears, and was in the middle of spring practices when the COVID-19 pandemic brought the sports world to a halt.

Ed McCaffrey

Ed McCaffrey (credit: CBS)

“Just when we were feeling some buzz, feeling the team coming together, feeling some comradery, everyone buying in to what we were doing, we were told that we had to go home,” recalled McCaffrey.

“There was huge disappointment, but we figured we’d be back eventually. Unfortunately for us, we haven’t been back since.”

The Big Sky announced on Aug. 7 it would postpone fall football until the spring, but McCaffrey is hoping his team can get on the field for practices in the coming months.

(credit: CBS)

“You need a ramp-up period in order to be ready for a season. I’m fighting for spring ball in the fall at this point,” said McCaffrey about the challenges that come with moving the season.

The Bears have held virtual meetings, but have not been on the practice field in more than four months.

“Some (players) do better with film, so do better on the white board or in the playbook, others have to go through the drills and techniques. There’s 30 players on our team I haven’t been able to coach at practice.”

Michael Spencer