By Chris Spears

(CBS4) – Meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Goodland caught a really cool phenomenon in western Kansas at sunrise on August 4. While making their morning weather observations they spotted a shadow being cast from a distant thunderstorm.

Weather observers in Goodland caught this shadow early in the morning on Aug. 4 being cast by a thunderstorm roughly 75 miles away. (credit: NWS Goodland)

The isolated storm was roughly 75 miles to their northeast in Norton County. It was about 35,000 feet tall and in just the right position with the rising sun to create the shadow. In addition to the great picture the shadow could also be seen on visible satellite imagery.

A roughly 75-mile long shadow cast by an isolated t-storm at sunrise. (credit: NWS Goodland)

Chris Spears

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  1. Stargazer71 says:

    More appropriate headline: Clouds block the sun in Kansas.

  2. Baby Driver says:


  3. Fred Ross says:

    Now that would have been an awsome video if the stupid station ID Banner were not blocking the best part of the video. Can’t you all in the news media figure a way to flip a switch to place the banner at the top of the video?? Especially when your “news Even” is taking place in the bottom of the video?

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