By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – The High Line Canal Conservancy is holding it’s first ever Walk for the Canal fundraiser. The money raised will be used for tree planting and canal maintenance.

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The High Line Canal is a 71-mile channel that runs from Waterton Canyon in the southwest to the City of Aurora in the northeast. It was originally built in 1883 to move water to farmers. Denver Water bought the canal in 1924, and then allowed it to be used as a recreational greenway in the 1970’s.

The path goes through 11 jurisdictions, which are responsible for the upkeep of the trail. Five years ago, the High Line Canal Conservancy was established to preserve, protect, and enhance the trail. Through outreach to the community, the Conservancy has identified more than $100 million in improvement projects along the canal.

(credit CBS)

“The High Line Canal Conservancy was formed to try to bring the passion that the community has throughout this region for the canal together, to speak to the elected officials, and the owners of the canal, Denver Water. To carry forward a vision that the community had to preserve the canal and protect it as a vital recreational and environmental resource for the region,” said Harriet Crittenden LaMair, Executive Director of the High Line Canal Conservancy.

Walk for the Canal is a call for everyone to set a goal to recreate on the canal over the next 71-days and then get pledges for each mile. Participants can sign up on the High Line Canal Website and get a free canal bandana. The Conservancy is hoping to raise $171,000 dollars that will be used to plant trees in 2021, and on some signage projects.

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Libby Smith

  1. TomTancredoFan says:

    Maybe they should call it Run Like Hell from the Canal. A quick search of this very site shows two women recently attacked with sticks by deranged dudes at the canal. Not too long ago a 13 year old girl was attacked along the canal. Can the Conservancy include in their improvement projects an avoidance of getting hit with sticks?

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