DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said the City and County of Denver has issued about two dozen citations in relation to the face covering mandate. Most were for failure to wear a face covering.

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Everyone above age 3 in Denver is required to wear a face mask outside their home when they cannot maintain a safe distance from people due to the coronavirus pandemic. People who have medical conditions that would prevent them from being able to wear a face covering are exempt from the order.

Violators will be cited and could face up to a $999 fine or additional civil penalties.

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  1. Wes says:

    99.74% are unaffected by this deadly disease. EVERYONE WILL DIE, except 99,74% of EVERYBODY…

    What a flaky shake and bake scam we have been forced into experiencing. And to think that forced vaccinations are on there way.

    The Militia’s are going to have to realize that they are going to be called out on doing some forced vaccinations themselves.

  2. AL says:

    To bad they are not just as focused on the rioters who are destroying public and private property

  3. Good. I’m close to many small business owners who are tired of entitled morons putting them and their staffs in jeopardy. I sent this link to a few of them. The responses were: “FINALLY.”, “About time.”, “Thank God.”, and “I’m so tired of my employees getting screamed at. Grown adults throwing tempter tantrums because they can’t mask up for a 30-second interaction.”

    1. Chip says:

      You and your people are in about as much “jeopardy” as they would be during one of the flu pandemics of the last 60 years when no one shut down an economy, rolled over, and hid under a bed. The elderly and those with underlying illnesses really should be the ones restricting themselves, NOT 3 y.o. kids who will grow up terrified of the invisible monster in the air they breathe.

  4. chip saunders says:

    Children are virtually immune to Covid and DO NOT transmit it easily. So why is Buckwheat terrorizing the children over 3 y.o.? These kids are going to have serious mental health issues as they grow older.

  5. Jay says:

    An officer can’t ask to see your Medical history or any other official. Everyone just need’s to remember to tell them you have asthma or something else. Cased closed.

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