JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– Everyone in Jefferson County must wear a mask both inside and outdoors to protect against the spread of coronavirus. This comes amid a spike in cases last week.

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Jeffco Public Health has issued a new order that requires everyone in Jefferson County age 11 and up to wear a face covering both inside and while outdoors.

The Colorado mandate already requires face masks to be worn in public indoor places and outdoors when social distancing isn’t possible.

The Jeffco order comes amid a jump in COVID-19 cases. There was a big spike on Friday with 96 new cases reported in one day.

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  1. Lisa P says:

    This is such BS…..increased testing means increased cases, with a virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate! Media is pathetic and misleading, creating fear and panic intentionally while Democrats overreach their power by leaps and bounds.

  2. “Everyone in Jefferson County must wear a mask both inside and outdoors to protect against the spread of coronavirus.” — this is false. Jefferson County is deliberately confusing the issue of when masks should be worn (like most pols and media in the country), but masks are not required outdoors unless people cannot maintain social distancing.

  3. Never Dem says:

    Sorry my civil rights are being violated by this draconian order and I will not comply especially as this is based on false science and uncorroborated statistics. The actual stats show that deaths, hospitalizations and severe cases are markedly DOWN yet the politicians have decided to continue this charade wrapped in another coup attempt to take away your rights as a citizen. If you disagree please watch today’s justice dept gathering with the attorney general Bill Barr, the democrats are now affirmatively a f a s c i s t organization and how anyone can admit to being a democrat is beyond me at this point. Its actually sick and ridiculous.

  4. Joe Bloe says:

    Good luck…. we have ADA laws that are already in place that protect against this type of power grab.

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