DENVER (CBS4)– Dozens of protesters gathered at the state Capitol on Friday evening. After a while, they took their demonstration to the streets.

The protesters continued to grow in number from just a couple of dozen to more than 100 on Friday night.

(credit: CBS)

Some carried signs urging justice for those who died at the hands of police and “Black Lives Matter.” Others chanted for change.

Copter4 flew over the march as they made their way through downtown. The protest seemed peaceful in the first few hours.

(credit: CBS)

Denver police officers followed the crowd as they marched.

The crowd continued to march and congregate as they called for an end to any federal law enforcement officers’ involvement with the detaining of citizens who are protesting, like in Portland, Ore.

(credit: CBS)

People gathered, listened to the demonstrators, some cheering, others following as the group made its way east on Colfax Avenue and then north to Five Points. That’s where there were calls to celebrate Black-owned businesses.

This is the latest in a series of protests that have been organized in downtown Denver and Aurora since Memorial Day weekend.

The protest continued despite pouring rain that began on Friday evening. The protesters dispersed a little after 10 p.m. Friday.

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  1. mary elise says:

    Wow. Denver has degenerated significantly since I left in 1993. Sad to see the Front Range degenerate under the California invasion.

  2. Common Sense says:

    A peaceful demonstration is a constitutional right but when it comes to looting, rioting and destruction of property that is absolutely unacceptable in any form. The sniveling wimpy mayors and governors that are letting the BLM take over their cities and states have turned their backs on the law abiding citizens and that is inexcusable. Thank goodness we have a person in Washington D.C. that is not intimidated by the domestic terrorist organization BLM and will give the law abiding America citizen the peace that they have a constitutional right to.

  3. Protests are better attended now than during Occupy, but are more reactionary — what useful purpose is served by protesting in Denver the presence of criminal agents in Portland who were sent there as a result of decisions taken in Washington D.C.? Remove the Anti-President instantly!!!

  4. Dwight Smith says:

    These people are anarchists and clueless about what really “Matters”.

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