By Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

July has been a very hot month, and pretty dry until this past week. Heading into the last weekend of the month, we’ll see a few changes to what was the July normal.

First, we’ll get a break from the heat! Well, most of us will. Saturday the Front Range and foothills drop to the upper 80s instead of the 90s. Our eastern plains will stay very hot with highs close to 100 degrees. The high country will also get a nice little break from the heat with highs in the 60s and 70s, while western Colorado will head down to the 80s. Denver will only be in the low 80s on Sunday.

Second, we are in for rain! Good, soaking rain will flow into Colorado from the desert southwest. Monsoon season has been weak so far, and we get in on the flow through the weekend. Heavy rain is likely from the southwestern corner of Colorado to the eastern plains. We expect some widespread moisture through the weekend, especially in the high country and southern Colorado.

Rain chances stick with us through Sunday, and into early next weekend.

Meteorologist Lauren Whitney