DENVER (CBS4) – State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg has had it. Seven weeks after vandals began tagging and trashing the Colorado State Capitol, he fired off a letter to Gov. Jared Polis asking what’s the holdup in removing all the graffiti, and why isn’t the state doing more to stop it in the first place.

The State Capitol is almost unrecognizable. The granite walls are covered in graffiti, windows and lights are shattered, and monuments and memorials are defaced or destroyed. Night after night, the vandals have come back to cause more damage.

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“I had to see it. Sad,” said John Perez, who went to survey the destruction. He wonders how long the state plans to let the vandals have their way. “You’re committing a crime. I think that needs to be dealt with, regardless of your age, your race, your color.”

Amen to that, says Sonnenberg.

“Why are we not protecting the building? Why are not making sure that these thugs that are hell-bent on destroying property aren’t being brought to justice?”

He put those questions to the governor, saying enough is enough with the vandalism and vulgarities.

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“It’s not only a disgrace, but it’s embarrassing. Nobody is being held accountable, and that you and I as taxpayers have to foot the bill.”

Ronald Craft, a native of Denver, says there’s no excuse for the damage or the delay in cleaning it up.

“It could been done a long time ago. I’m with the George Floyd thing all the way, but this is not what they are about. Governor, I’ll come down and help.”

State workers aren’t even sure how to get the graffiti off since the stains have now set-in. They’re experimenting with different methods.

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Perez’s message to the governor is simple.

“Take back the Capitol grounds. Take back the Capitol grounds.”

A spokesperson for Polis’ office said he was not available for an interview, but he said the governor is “outraged” and “frustrated” and “has directed that our Capitol is cleaned and washed as quickly as possible, and the building further fortified.”

Colorado State Patrol says it has troopers on duty around-the-clock outside the building, but it won’t risk them or others being injured for property crimes.

Denver police says it has made one arrest, and because graffiti is a municipal offense, the City Attorney’s office will make charging decisions.

Shaun Boyd

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  1. Mark Schneider says:

    If the Governor is unable or unwilling (more likely) to stop the desecration of the people of Colorado’s property, he needs to be immediately removed from office for cause. This excuse he uses in not even reasonable and his actions are probably not even legal. To allow vandals to constantly deface the Capitol shows how much he cares about his constituents, and by him not willing to speak directly to the taxpayers about this issue demonstrates his cowardice and ineffectiveness. We are not Seattle, NYC, Chicago or other radically progressive socialist cities and we should take our city back. Shame on you Polis. You personally should pay for the repair of this destruction and then resign, letting a real leader solve this issue.

    1. natalie says:

      Their supposed to be arrested and thrown into jail for 10 yrs according to Trump’s new law. I say hold them all accountable and pay for the damage they have done. Then you’ll see an automatic halt on this but they have to be held accountable. Stop treating them like mischievous kids.

  2. Dake Nulik says:

    Simple, grafitti their homes, see if that turns on a light bulb?

  3. gumbo says:

    Our ho mo governor don’t mind. In fact, he probably likes it.

  4. Mike says:

    “Progressivism”/Leftism is politics for children. This destruction was caused by physically grown, but mentally immature, idiots who couldn’t assemble a rational thought if their lives depended upon it. Like spoiled children, they are driven solely by their emotions, demanding that their desires be granted “right now”, and if they don’t get exactly what they want they act out, like little kids throwing a tantrum.

    Yet, these fools are merely the clueless foot soldiers, the “useful idiots” as Lenin described them, serving to create as much chaos and fear as possible in order to intimidate the populace into accepting the Marxist poison that will be offered later as the “solution.” There are others behind the scenes, funding this chaos and pulling the strings, and they know the real agenda.

    We are in a real, honest to goodness civil war now, thrust upon us by the extreme political left. What is occurring has nothing to do with George Floyd or with concerns about use of force by the police. Those are just convenient pretexts that the leftist radicals behind Antifa, BLM, and other anti-American Marxist organizations are using as an excuse to begin their long-awaited destruction of the country. Their demented dream is to demolish everything that came before, America’s history, monuments, heroes, and founding principles, to pave the way for replacing them with new, falsified Marxist principles, heroes, monuments, and history. That is exactly the pattern that has been followed in every Marxist revolution over the past 100+ years. A pattern that in the end resulted in over 100 million dead worldwide, sacrificed to Marxist ideology.

    And worse, non-radical liberals and even some conservatives are falling right in line, actually enabling the revolutionaries, by eagerly trying to demonstrate how “woke” and non-“racist” they are. They’re like sufferers of some warped leftist version of Stockholm syndrome. This pathetic behavior only serves to provide a veneer of validation to the rioters, and emboldens the Marxist puppet masters by demonstrating that the populace at large will not only acquiesce, but will actually assist them with their damnable plan.

    This chaos must be stopped now, with whatever legal means are necessary. This isn’t some aberration, some brief strange episode that will just go away if we don’t think about it. And center-left liberals who are smugly watching, maybe not entirely happy with it but letting it go in the hope that it somehow derails Trump, had better wake up because just like previous Marxist revolutions, the revolutionaries eventually begin to devour not only their political enemies, but those on their own side as well. In the end, very few on either side survive the purge as the Marxists demand ever-increasing obedience to their vision of political “purity.” We can see that beginning now, as “cancel culture” is beginning to direct its fire toward canceling even fellow liberals.

    True traditional liberals, those who stand for free speech FOR ALL and for protection of civil liberties FOR ALL, must stand side-by-side with conservatives to stop this obscene attack on America.

  5. Rebel With a Cause says:

    I don’t live in the Denver metro area, but I would be happy to volunteer a couple of nights to sit on the roof with my ‘prairie dog’ shootin’ gun, and pick off those pesky vandals for you. Just need your promise not to arrest me (after all, I would be performing a public service).

  6. “Why are not making sure that these thugs that are hell-bent on destroying property aren’t being brought to justice?” — if that was the question, it was incoherent.

  7. Linda Morgan says:

    Denver let this happen by allowing these riots and ” Protesters ” to continue, they better look within to find funding to clean it up because I’m not paying for it! THIS IS NOT MY CITY!

  8. This is what happens when you let democrats run amok.

    1. Scissor says:

      Marxists are taking over the demo☭ratic party.

  9. Barbara says:

    Embarrassing, yes. Preventable, yes. Why can’t they wash off the paint BLM on the street that was also defiled our city? yep. You got what you voted for. Like it?? Wanna become like Seattle? Then party on without responsibility. No arrests or warrants for vandalism.?

    By the way, if you really care about the West, The Bureau of Land Management is BLM. It had the title long before anyone claimed it.

  10. Linda says:

    As always, someone has to blame law enforcement for this. Outnumbered, undermined and with no backing. Put the blame where it belongs. I, for one, think they should leave it as is. This is what liberals want our city to look like. They created this. Let them have it.

  11. You have to realize the difficulties of protecting the Capitol; it sits in the center of Denver, blocks away from DPD’s District 6 headquarters and it is in the heart of the area in which hundreds of police were supposed to be enforcing a curfew as the vandalism took place. Police cameras survey the grounds. The Colorado State Police headquarters is half a block away. Either our police are completely incompetent or they allowed the destruction to take place without acting.

  12. Jason Joseph says:

    You get what you voted for Denver. Too bad, next time choose wisely.

    1. Steven Lundgrin says:

      Why isn’t the CSP doing something about it?

    2. Lone Haranguer says:

      Could say the same thing about IMPOTUS. Next time, choose wisely.

  13. William Poska says:

    Enough is enough! Why couldn’t they put temporay fencing around the capitol? Inaction on Polis’s part is agreement with the destrution of OUR capitol.

    1. Steven Lundgrin says:

      Why do they need fencing? Station CSP officers around the building and tell them to arrest anyone who even acts like they will vandalize it. The comment about not risking injury to the officers or others irks me, because we taxpayers pay them to serve and protect and ENFORCE THE LAW.

  14. sic semper tyrannus says:

    Is this Jared Polis’ idea of Colorful Colorado?

  15. When the enforcement powers choose to not protect their own spaces, they will not protect yours or ours either. We must get people who will protect us, our history, and our legacies.

  16. Kim says:

    This is what Progressive gets you. Look at Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC.

    1. Steven Lundgrin says:

      That’s what Polis wants, for Colorado to be like California, Oregon and Washington, as he signed an agreement with those states regarding the reopening of the states, rather than neighboring states like Wyoming, Utah, Kansas.

  17. Deborah h says:

    Polis and other Democrats couldn’t give a rats ass about our city or safety.

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