PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – A teenager is leading the charge to reverse Douglas County’s decision to leave Tri-County Health Department.

“Our public health is being just is just becoming more of a political game now in our community. It’s a shame,” said Ethan Reed a rising Senior at Legend High School in Parker.

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Reed started a petition to try and voice to county commissioners that people want the county to change course. Last week, the Douglas County said it would leave Tri-County Health Department after the Board of Health voted to require face coverings while allowing municipalities to opt-out.

“That’s unsafe. That’s putting our community at risk for seeing a surge and potentially closing again which we don’t want because our economy has already suffered greatly for this,” Reed said. “We should stay with Tri-County Health. I really hope this urges them to rethink their actions so we can have a mask mandate because our public health is at risk.”

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The petition had over 1,500 signatures on Monday night. It was started over the weekend. Most recent data from Tri-County Health shows that Douglas County has significantly fewer cases of COVID-19 and has seen a decrease in cases over the past few days when viewed over a three-day average.

Reed has become politically active and sits on several committees including the Douglas County School District’s Reopening Task Force. DCSD is recommending face coverings or masks for students and teachers when school resumes next month, despite the county commissioners decision to nix requiring masks.

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Parents are being asked to respond to a survey between in-person learning and remote learning.

“They’re really taking into account our safety so I would trust, and hope, they do follow along with the health guidelines,” Reed said about the Board of Education for DCSD.

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  1. Kayley says:

    Yes, and you, Ethan, are a part of that game.

  2. Deana Bossio says:

    I’m proud that Douglas County is pulling out of the Tri-County health. We in DC can think for ourselves and decide for ourselves whether or not we’re at risk or are a risk to others. The liberal media lies and deceives about everything this election year. Schools, businesses and restaurants, etc should fully reopen without masks, without distancing, and without fear mongering. Let’s move on and vote!

  3. Also Embarrassed says:

    Also Embarrassed to live in DougCo.
    Douglas County 3 day rolling increase now 132.3%!

  4. Shannon says:

    Science, logic, civics, statistics, persuasive writing – what manner of nonsense are they teaching those kids nowadays? I wouldn’t be surprised if they even taught reading, something many other people in DougCo should take up some time. Mr Reed has clearly been paying attention in school. The county could be much better off for it if only certain politicians would listen and maybe review their old textbooks, assuming they ever studied those topics. It’s hard to imagine they ever did the way they inveigh against science and reasonable behavioral requirements now.

  5. Embarrassed to live in Douglas County says:

    Don’t know what Kool Aid the commissioners are drinking. Especially Laydon. 3 day rolling case total in Douglas County has been INCREASING – now showing an 87.1% increase! They are not health professionals. Politicizing and playing with people’s lives!

    1. Kayley says:

      Are these truly cases, or are they people tested as having the antibodies – which tell that they HAD the illness and are now immune?

  6. Paul says:

    Yes, young man has been unfortunatly brainwashed. Masks to not work for virus but can cause heath problems when worn.

    1. Buddy says:

      Wondering where you received your degree in medicine or virology from?

  7. Jerimiah says:

    Typical of Sheeple! Teenagers need more than another 20 years REAL experience before they open their foolish mouth!

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