DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — Two prominent Douglas County Republicans are speaking out after the county’s Republican party posted a comic strip showing a character labeled “Polis” using a mask and a billy club to to restrict a character labeled “Colorado.”

“We can’t breathe,” the caption reads.

CBS4 investigator Brian Maass said the Douglas County Republican Party posted the cartoon on their Facebook page.

Maass said Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas called it reprehensible and Sheriff Tony Spurlock urged the person responsible to resign immediately.

On Monday afternoon, the following message was posted to the Facebook page:

“A post was made on the Douglas County Republicans Facebook page on Friday morning which was subsequently taken down over the weekend.

“As Chairman I am responsible for the content of our social media and I apologize to anyone that was offended by the post. We are currently reviewing our editorial policies with regard to content and access to our social media platforms.”

The post was signed by Stephen Allen, Chairman Douglas County Republicans.

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  1. Todd Erickson says:

    “… NOT translating into hospitalizations ….” July 1=278+ cases, July 14=419+ cases (average). July 1=15+ hospitalizations, July 14=23+ hospitalizations (7-day average). Experts say deaths are down because younger people are becoming sick, and they survive the illness more than older people. If the virus follows past SARS viruses, and it attacks multiple organs, the long-term effects may include respiratory damage, kidney damage, immune-system failure, and chronic fatigue syndrome. A study of past SARS viruses found that 22% of patients were unable to return to work full-time 1 year after infection. We don’t know most of the long-term effects of COVID because it is a novel virus.

    Also, the article is interesting, but seriously flawed.

    First, the third sentence states that Coronviruses last “from December to April.” It’s July. And we didn’t start seeing large-scale case numbers until April.

    Second, the most efficient transmission of COVID-19 is indoors via touching objects that were touched by someone infected. Not much pollen involved there.

    Fourth, the article states that Coronaviruses “start bothering people as soon as pollen starts subsiding (in mid November in USA). I’d say COVID-19 started “bothering people” just as pollen was at its highest in the spring and early summer.

    Finally, the author believes breathing air with pollen is a Covid-19 vaccine, and people should go outside, “Take off your masks, mingle, inhale deeply, take deep healing breaths ….” which is contrary to almost all of the established science regarding COVID-19 outdoor transmission.

    Mandating masks will not make things worse. Multiple scientific studies show it can reduce the transmission rate — one said up to 79%. But if you refuse to believe the science as reported by the “bogeyman” media, nobody can help you.

  2. Polis tried the mask thing earlier, but backed off when he was called a Nazi. Why can’t he leave enough alone? Colorado is having one or zero Covid-19 deaths a day, he needs to stop doing things, don’t try to fix what’s not broken. He can’t improve the death rate, at best he can make things worse.

    Media hype is about “cases”, but the “cases” are NOT translating into hospitalizations or deaths. It’s just a bogeyman. See this:

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