By Dillon Thomas

NEDERLAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Explosions coming from a remote home in the mountain town of Nederland have caused windows and homes to rattle for nearly a week now. Since late last week, controlled explosions conducted by multiple agencies, including the ATF, have been heard throughout the area.

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Residents near Barker Meadow Reservoir have heard the explosions the most, as a home off of Alpine Drive is the center of an investigation. Most concerning, for many, is the lack of information being provided by responding agencies.

“There have been several blasts. About one a day,” said Stephen Fox, a man who lives near the home being investigated. “It’s loud. You can hear it across the reservoir.”

Residents say an explosion chamber and containment system was brought in by investigators. A spokesperson for the ATF confirmed they are assisting with controlled detonations at the property, but couldn’t say what was being exploded.

“(Law enforcement) will do three short bursts of the air horn, and that lets us know to brace ourselves for an explosion,” Fox told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas.

(credit: CBS)

Though residents have been encouraged to keep a safe distance, evacuations have not been ordered. Law enforcement did close vehicle access near the property and wouldn’t allow CBS4 to get closer than 250 yards from the home.

Nobody in the public has been told what started the investigation, who is at the center of the investigation or what is being detonated. Even the mayor of Nederland posted in Facebook expressing his frustrations in not being kept in the loop.

“When you’re sitting here and you don’t really know everything going on, it creates a little anxiety,” Fox said.

Kathy Fox said not only does her property physically shake after each controlled explosion, but the concussions from the explosions can be felt by those standing outside.

(credit: CBS)

“There’s a lot of curiosity, but we have to wait until there’s an official announcement to know what’s going on,” Kathy Fox said.

CBS4 has reached out to multiple agencies, including the ATF, Nederland Police Department, Colorado Rangers and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office for more information on the nature of the explosions. However, each agencies has advised CBS4 that Nederland Police is the lead agency, and they have not returned CBS4’s request for comment.

Dillon Thomas

  1. Colin M Mitchell says:

    The mayor needs to grow a pair and tell them that he is in charge of law enforcement in the town. Period. Put Ned cops up there and tell the others until they play ball they can’t go in. Of course, this is within town limits, if it’s Boulder County, they are the culprits, as is often the case around Ned….

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