DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced on Tuesday bars will be closed for in-person service in order to fight coronavirus in the state. Bars may sell take-out alcohol, and those which serve food and function as restaurants can continue to do so if patrons remain 6 feet apart, they are seated with their own party and do not mingle with other patrons.

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Bars and nightclubs were allowed to reopen with limitations two weeks ago.

“We are expiring a slight uptick the last two weeks,” he said. He said there are 32,717 cases.

The announcement goes into effect in the 48 hours.

Polis noted the surges neighboring states are experiencing. He said he does not want Colorado to “become a mecca” for people visiting bars. “We don’t want to stand out,” he said.

“There is not a way that we have found for them to be a reasonably safe part of people’s lives during the month of July, in our state.”

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He noted conversations he had with the governors of Arizona and Texas, who say their states’ recent surges are blamed, in part, on large parties, bars and nightclubs.

“Having bars and nightlife in an unsustainable way is too big of a risk in Colorado,” he said. “It’s too big a risk of schools being too unsafe to return to, it’s too big a risk of having to close gyms and pools.”

\”No mask, No service\” signs are popping up at all kinds of businesses as the country begins to slowly reopen after the coronavirus pandemic shutdown that began in March. (Credit: WCCO)

He went on to say visitors to Colorado are urged to be responsible and wear a face mask, follow health guidelines and maintain good hygiene.

Some counties which qualify for the next phase of reopening, “Protect Our Neighbors,” will be allowed to open bars. Polis said officials are working on guidance that will allow bars to expand outside like restaurants.

State health officials say communities can start requesting approval to enter the Protect Our Neighbor phase next week. They will be approved if they can meet qualifications such as enough available hospital beds, enough PPE (personal protective equipment) and stable or declining number of hospitalizations.

LINK: CDPHE Coronavirus Data

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  1. Marky says:

    I love how people say that the protesters did not make it worse. I also love that you people bring up “good Christians folk” in the same sentence as BLM. BLM is a marxist group who wants to do away with religion. And yes if the corona got worse then the riots, made it worse. Unless you vote democrat then its fine. Wake up sheep, stop your bleating. This whole mess with corona and BLM is a distraction and power grab!

  2. james says:

    The law abiding and tax paying need to be shut down so the lawless and freeloaders can continue to protest, riot and spread Covid.

    1. Lavadero says:

      If the law abiding and tax paying believed in protecting each other and getting us through this so, they-the- bar patrons and large gatherings would be wearing masks.

  3. Jay says:

    Another dumb order from Polis. This will do little other then force business to close permanently, lower tax revenue and money out of the city. You are just forcing everyone to party and hangout in large groups in public places, homes and other smaller places. Nobody cares or is listening. This is just another flu and scare tactic to stop trump since all other democrat schemes didn’t work. The numbers are almost the same as the swine flu in 2009 and nothing closed then, but then again the election was already over. And you have every right to protect yourself if you feel the need to. That is your choice but your choice end’s when you try to force it upon someone else. Masks do little in the first place and the real medical ones that might help we are told not to use or have. It was more then obvious when the Denver Police Chief chose to lock arms with rioters with no masks on most and walk down the street.

    1. Robert says:

      Moron, Swine Flu killed less than 10% (12,400) of the number of people already killed by Covid in the US.

  4. BLM more Christian than you says:

    You not wearing a mask encroaches on my freedom to choose not to get sick. If you get me sick I should be able to sue you for damages and negligence. BLM does not mean white lives don’t matter. You good Christian folk should know that Jesus focused on helping those at a disadvantage.

    1. Jay says:

      Well then with that logic each tax payer in Colorado should be able to sue each and every rioter or protester who did damage, robbed or blocked the road and stopped someone from getting to work to make a living. After all, most statues and government buildings are owned by the people and paid for by our taxes.

  5. Liberty Lover says:

    He gave up the right to close anything by allowing the rioters to gather. If you own a business that is still closed, or has to re-close, please FIGHT BACK. Just say NO to this power grab.

    We told we needed to “flatten the curve.” Well, we did that. Now, it is time to reopen. If you are afraid, stay home.

    1. Lynda Jai says:

      We did flatten the curve. Then we loosened up our adherence to safety precautions, and the numbers in Colorado are looking up. Look at a chart. If people like you continue to “fight back” and “just say no” – especially if that means gathering in bars or parties, and refusing to wear masks – the curve will keep going up.

  6. White lives matter says:

    The bars are not the problem. It is the BLM protests. Why not address that? Never mind.

    1. Lynda Jai says:

      There is some research on this. Read before you post. The protests have been outside (BIG difference), and many of the protesters have been wearing masks.

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