BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– The NFL is giving nearly $500,000 to CU Denver. The money will help an engineering professor as he develops state-of-the-art helmets.

(credit: CBS)

Chris Yakacki is the co-founder of Impressio. He’s developed a new technology that helps reduce concussion risk. He lines helmets with a special material that better absorbs shock and dissipates energy.

The grant from the NFL will help boost Yakacki’s entry into the NFL Helmet Challenge. The competition’s goal is to encourage investors to come up with a better helmet for players.

  1. Mary says:

    Not trying to be deliberately obtuse or difficult, but will these helmets (which would also be a boon for hockey players) somehow manage to minimize the REAL problem: the coup (original injury at on the side where the hit occurred) followed by contrecoup effect (the brain “recoils” and takes a 2nd hit on the opposite side of the head) essentially causing TWO brain injuries from the same “hit”?

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