DENVER (CBS4)– If the barrage of ads is any indication, there could be an upset in the Democratic Senate Primary.

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper seemed to have the nomination sewn up until a series of controversies over the last few weeks.

Now, his supporters have a new PAC and are going on the attack. Their ad questions the liberal bona fides of former Speaker of the State House Andrew Romanoff.

CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd gives the ad a Reality Check.



Shaun Boyd

  1. “Bottom line, Andrew Romanoff has lurched far Left over the last fourteen years …” — Oh yes, Shaun Boyd is quite the political expert; one might question her objectivity, talking about Romanoff in such a manner. It’s far from clear when she utters that line that she’s characterizing the ad and not just expressing her own views — she was doing the latter, was she not? Plainly, Andrew Romanoff is not far Left, or he wouldn’t have lied to keep cannabis illegal or passed anti-immigrant legislation.

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