By Dominic Garcia

(CBS4) – It’s been anything but a busy bee season for Gregg McMahan, the owner of Rocky Mountain Bee Removal. Usually at this time of year, he’s running around the Denver metro area removing bee swarms.

(credit: CBS)

This year is different because of an April snowstorm.

“It lasted for three or four days where everything was frozen solid. If it was just one day everybody would have been fine, but it froze all the blooms. It took away all the food for bees, that the bees needed to reproduce,” he told CBS4.

Gregg says last year they moved close to 100 be swarms, but this year it’s been around 50. That means a big impact on honey.

(credit: CBS)

“What it’s going to do though is it’s going to make our honey production just drop to the floor this year. I mean everyone I talk to, no one has any honey,” said McMahan.

Swarm seasons vary year to year, and Gregg hopes some much needed rain will help out.

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“I saw this weekend we’re expecting were expecting an inch of rain in some spots. That’s going to bolster our flowers back up again, and we’re going to cross our fingers that our bees are going to take advantage of that and make honey this year.”

To report a bee swarm, call 1-844-779-2337.

Dominic Garcia


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