DENVER (CBS4) – We’re still two weeks away from Independence Day and illegal fireworks displays are already a regular occurrence in Denver.

On Friday night, Denver police got 105 calls about fireworks. On Saturday there were 167 calls. On Sunday there were 317. Last year at this time police only got about seven calls a night.

Several people shared videos on social media of fireworks going off over Denver — and some expressed concern for veterans struggling with PTSD and dogs that are frightened by the loud, startling noises.

“Yo Denver Metro… The 8 p.m. fireworks every single night?” Twitter user T.J. Hafer wrote. “Please stop. You’re freaking out people’s animals. I have to calm my 13-year old dog down. You’re freaking out veterans with PTSD from being in a war zone.”

“If it’s once or twice a year, New Year’s and the 4th, I’ll give you that. That’s something we can plan around and deal with. But this has been going on every night for weeks and weeks,” Hafer added.

One Twitter user said the fireworks went on for 15 minutes on Sunday night.

Another Twitter user said people have been setting off fireworks in southwest Denver “every single night for weeks.”

Anything that explodes or leaves the ground is illegal throughout Colorado — and all fireworks are illegal in the City of Denver. Possession of fireworks in Denver can result in a $999 fine and/or up to a year in jail.

To report fireworks, please call Denver police at 720-913-2000.

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  1. Donna Rutt says:

    It gets worse every year!! I have to spend money for cbd oil for my dog, my husband is a veteran with ptsd!! I believe in rights but it’s just like smoking, no one cares about our rights!! The dog is too scared to go out to go to the bathroom so he ends up going in the house!! It shouldn’t be up to the police (whom I have great respect and sympathy for). At my house it goes on year round!
    Lawsuits are the next move if the laws don’t get changed and with stiff penalties instead of a slap on the wrist!! HELP US!

  2. If CBS wants to be part of the solution, maybe find some instances where people were actually charged and report on THAT so people at home might feel less emboldened that they can always get away with it? Or at least shine a light on the fact police are doing nothing at all if that’s the case.

  3. WS Boyle says:

    Police will do nothing in Aurora except refuse to come out of their building. They have a new mascot (cowardly Lion fro The Wizard of Oz) and a new from of policing ( do nothing unless we can pull our gun and shoot somebody).

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