EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– The search for a 3-year-old missing boy has expanded but unfortunately there are no new clues. Sebastian Castro disappeared last Friday from Eagle County.

(credit: Eagle)

On Tuesday, a dog team joined the search for the little boy. The search area was expanded along the Eagle River to Hanging Lake but turned up nothing new.

An article of clothing was spotted along the river on Sunday along with the phone he was carrying.

His family says he responds to children’s songs, animal noise and colorful items. They add he may not be comfortable with adults he does not know. Sebastian has autism.

(credit: Eagle)

Volunteers have been asked to sign up online before helping crews.

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  1. Erryanna says:

    He’s not comfortable with adults … then something is amiss with him. He’s also described as “non-verbal.” This implies something amiss rather than just a late bloomer. But at only three, makes no difference; ANY three year old has no business being outside alone at night, like this boy was reported to be.

  2. Stephanie Gore says:

    Why are you reporting that he has autism over and over? His own father has said that he does not. He has hearing problems. He also was not at a park playing alone. Please speak with the family..get an interpreter, whatever it takes..but do not report false information! https://www.facebook.com/watchparty/549976199000467/?entry_source=FEED

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