DENVER (CBS4)– On the night of May 30, Jax Feldmann, of Denver, says he had just finished working with a friend as he walked to his car at Colfax Avenue and Grant Street.

(credit: CBS)

“I saw a cop truck pull up with two cops standing on the side of the vehicle and all of a sudden I got hit in the eye,” Feldmann, 21, told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.

He said the impact from a foam bullet pushed his eye back, damaging the retina and two other layers.

“I can’t see anything out of it right now,” he said.

Feldmann says doctors indicated he may be able to notice light later.

(credit: Jax Feldmann)

Denver police have now been restricted by a federal judge to fire only when responding to a specific incident witnessed by a supervisor.

John Feldmann, Jax’s father said, “Much too late, it should have never come to a federal judge’s order to do that, it never should have happened in the first place.”

Jax Feldmann is now being represented by attorney Birk Baumgartner, who said, “Our hope is the City of Denver will take responsibility for this and it won’t be necessary to file a lawsuit.”

Having a son lose an eye is painful also to his mother. Tammy Feldmann flew in from Iowa with her husband after receiving the news.

Jax Feldmann (credit: CBS)

“Upset, mad,” she said with tears.

Jax added, “The organ I was born with and planning on having my entire life shouldn’t have been taken away.”

The incident occurred after a curfew was in place. Feldmann had been working at the time the curfew went into effect.

Denver police have indicated they will comply with the federal judge’s order. The Denver Police Department could not respond to the specific event. No complaint has yet been filed.

Rick Sallinger