DENVER (CBS4) – Gov. Jared Polis announced a new executive order allowing businesses to refuse service to anyone not wearing a face covering.

Young woman with face mask using mobile phone and buying groceries in the supermarket during virus pandemic.

(file photo credit: Drazen Zigic/iStock/Getty Images)

“Every establishment in our state needs to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask,” Gov. Polis stated Thursday. “This protects our individual rights and our rights of businesses to deny service, because our businesses, the people that work there, the other patrons, they should have a right to be protected from those who refuse to take the common sense step of wearing a mask.”

“Private business establishment should have the right to deny service to those who would likely put their employees or their customers [at] risk,” Polis stated.

“With this executive order, it’s fine for businesses across our state to say ‘No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service,'” Polis stated.

The executive order has been signed goes into effect immediately.

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  1. Kim the deplorable says:

    Oh yes! These loosely woven cloth masks definitely stop the one micron virus. It’s about compliance and control,stupid.

  2. L Boss says:

    The quicker we get the state government out of our life the quicker we will get back to normal and the economy that is the envy of the world. The more you keep government out of our lives the lower the unemployment rate will be. It’s not rocket science. Funny how that works.

  3. Ashlei Conte says:

    I coincidentally had the same idea today – didn’t even realize that Gov. Polis signed this order or that you guys did a news article titled the same, but once the commonalities were brought to my attention, I thought’d I’d share. The new norm, huh?! I have a feeling this will be the new norm for a while. #WereInThisTogether

  4. The World Health Organization does not recommend the use of cloth masks unless you are caring for someone sick with COVID-19.

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