DENVER (CBS4) – Though tense and high-volume, Sunday afternoon’s protests in downtown Denver were mostly free of conflict. Still, the potential for trouble was extreme. The Denver Police Department showed a sample of the weapons confiscated from protesters in a Twitter message.

(credit: Denver Police Department/Twitter)

Six people, the department said, were arrested on weapons violations. Officers confiscated guns, a baseball bat with spikes, at least one ax, a 6 inch long knife, a machete and a hammer.

(credit: Denver Police Department/Twitter)

“We are calling on the good people of Denver and our protesters to keep this city safe and reduce the violence,” Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said. “This is not the answer — to engage in criminal behavior, to damage our city, to bring weapons to what are supposed to be peaceful marches.”

Hundreds of marchers gathered at Civic Center Park and the State Capitol for the fourth consecutive day, some of them breaking away at times for a walk along Market Street or the 16th Street Mall.

(credit: CBS)

Denver police reported no major afternoon issues, but Copter4 spotted police in riot gear gathered in side streets for potential problems. A few standoffs were witnessed between officers and protesters, but they transpired without notable consequences.

(credit: Denver Police Department/Twitter)

A curfew was set to go into effect Sunday night, as it did Saturday night, and last until 5 a.m. Monday.