DENVER (CBS4) — The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is being deployed in Denver to “apprehend and charge violent agitators hijacking peaceful protests and engaging in violations of federal law,” U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn stated Sunday. Dunn said the JTTF has been directed to investigate any potential violations of federal law associated with the ongoing activity in Denver and elsewhere. 

(credit: Evan Semón)

“Together with the FBI, the United States Attorney’s Office will protect all citizens’ right to peacefully protest – especially after the tragic events in Minnesota and elsewhere.  But the last few days have seen protests in Denver hijacked by criminal elements, who have turned these protests into violent riots in our own communities.  While we can and should peacefully advocate for our beliefs, no one may incite a riot, start a fire, or injure other people in the process,” 

The JTTF consists of FBI agents and investigators from federal and local law enforcement agencies, including Task Force Officers from the Denver Police Department. 

“Anyone planning future acts of violence should know that our law enforcement community is united in protecting Colorado, and we will do so,” Dunn stated. “Where violations are identified, prosecutors from my office will hold violators accountable to fullest extent of federal law.”

Many officials, including the mayor of Atlanta, are claiming there are outside agitators working to make the protests violent. President Donald Trump has blamed Antifa.

On Sunday, CBS4’s Kathy Walsh asked Denver Police Chief Paul Pazan if he felt groups such as Antifa were involved in the rioting in Denver.

Pazen blamed “individuals that infiltrate these peaceful marches and conduct criminal behavior.”

“We certainly wouldn’t categorize anybody who has engaged in this type of behavior with groups like that. Again, these are individuals and we focus on individual criminal behavior,” Pazen said.



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  1. Nat says:

    I was downtown, THE POLICE ARE THE ONE STARTING THE VIOLENCE! We got shot at for no reason. We were peaceful and they attacked us like we were at war and ambushed us.

  2. Sparky says:

    This is the ugly side of democracy.

  3. steve0027 says:

    our useless civic leaders keep releasing criminals so what do they expect? the gov and mayor are directly responsible for allowing this and now they encouraging everyone to help clean up?? NO THANKS! I’m sure my taxes will go up regardless, so your pensions are safe.

  4. We have enough terrorists running Denver without an FBI task force of them!

  5. Karl Chwe says:

    Too bad the DPD didn’t arrest any of the rioters. Then we would have somebody to question.

    I’m convinced these guys weren’t interested in racial justice. They just wanted to destroy things, and possibly to discredit the BLM movement

    1. Nat says:

      The DPD are the ones being violent. I’m an Army Vet, we were peaceful and they attacked us. Curfews are UNCONSISTUTIONAL!!!

  6. Justin says:

    The FBI is not to be trusted, research COINTELPRO and the legacy of corruption and treason perpetrated by this agency.

  7. Andrew says:

    oh cool, so they’ll be investigating Denver Police officers firing tear gas and “less-lethal” munitions at peacefully organized citizens? that sounds great.

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